How do I backup my data?

Modified on Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 02:50 PM

Backups on BC Vault are done via either the integrated MicroSD card slot and/or encrypted QR codes printed onto paper.

Either option offers identical security, the only difference will be data longevity and convenience:

  • MicroSD cards are very convenient but less reliable
  • Paper is (under the right conditions) very durable, but less convenient to restore.

Depending on what you choose the instructions will differ. If you choose MicroSD, just insert your MicroSD into your BC Vault and click Backup to MicroSD in Settings. You can have multiple backup points on the same MicroSD.

Remember: Each backup will feature Password+PIN codes (Global and Wallet) as they were at the point of backup creation!

If you choose Paper QR, click Backup to Paper QR in Settings, then a popup should appear asking you where you want to print the pages. Select a printer available to your PC and click Print!

We suggest you do multiple MicroSD backups and save them at different locations. With Paper QR backup you can also write down all the required PIN codes if you chose so and thus have a full backup. Be careful to store such a backup in a secure location.

You have to do a NEW BACKUP whenever you add an additional wallet! Each wallet that is not yet backed up on microSD will be marked as "Not backed up" in GUI, so you will know!

There is absolutely no way to restore a backup without your Password+PIN codes (Global and Wallet)!

Wallet backups have no link to the amount of cryptocurrency you hold in your wallets. Backups only secure your private key for controlling the particular wallet. The rest of the data is in the blockchain itself and there is no need to do any additional backups due to executed transactions.

Backup data includes cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error-detecting code to prevent any issues with restoration.

HINT: If you want to have "foolproof" backup that requires no passwords, you can temporary remove Global and Wallet PIN/Password (change it to empty), create backup and store it very securely (like your personal vault or bank vault). After "no password" backup is created you can again set Global and Wallet PIN/Password. That is the flexibility of BC Vault.

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